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Hiroshima City: Top 5 Shopping Locations

Hiroshima City has a large array of shopping locations. Listed here is what I feel are the top 5 places to shop in Hiroshima City. Obviously, the ranks are really just for fun as absolutely no qualitative metrics were used to pick them.

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5. Fukuya - Yale Yale Building

The Yale Yale building is located across from Hiroshima Station and is connected by an underground passage. The 11 floor building is home to the Fukuya Department Store and many other smaller shops. One of the largest bookstores with possibly the largest selection of English books and English teaching materials in Hiroshima Prefecture is on the 10th floor.

The panoramic view from the roof is one of best places to view Hiroshima City and the best part is that it's free.

4. Tokyu Hands

The self-proclaimed "creative life store" has everything you need for daily living except groceries. Tokyu Hands is best described as a department store for the under 30 crowd. It has everything from pots and pans to games and costumes. Cheaper deals on some of its goods can be found if you look around but, for convenience and selection, it's hard to beat Tokyu Hands.

3. Marina Hop

Marina Hop is Hiroshima's large stylish outlet mall. Its design using pastel colors and 1950s art deco curves is a good fit with the fascination Japanese people have with American culture. The period music helps as well. There are 114 different fashion, lifestyle, sports and other trendy outlet stores to pick from. The only large Ferris wheel in Hiroshima City is located next to the ocean at Marina Hop.

Buses leave from Hondori and Hiroshima Station to Marina Hop.

2. Hondori Street

Hondori, which translates as main street, is the traditional retail heart of Hiroshima City. Its two large malls, Sun Mall and Parco, could easily score well on this top 10 list by themselves. The Sun Mall hosts HMV and UNIQLO as its anchor tenants and the more trendy and fashion orientated Parco has a large showcase Mujirushi on the 7th and 8th floors in the new building. Gap (4F) is located in the new building as well.

Between the two malls under the covered street is plenty of other clothing stores and restuarants. The two largest electronic stores in Hiroshima City are at the street's ends: Edion on the Peace Park side and Yamada Denki on the other.

1. Diamond City

Diamond City is located close to JR's Tenjingawa Station which is one stop east of Hiroshima Station. Kirin closed its beer factory at the location in 1998 and Jusco finished building this mega-mall in 2004 to replace it. It is, quite simply, all the shopping you could wish for all in one building.

From Tenjingawa Station (one stop east of JR Hiroshima Station) it is a 5 minute walk to Diamond City. Some express trains do not stop at Tenjingawa.

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Posted: April 5, 2011 Updated: February 21, 2015

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