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Many sections of Tottori are blessed with incredible beaches thanks to the mountains of sand that have collected here over thousands of years. The Uradome Coast (浦富海岸) near the eastern end of Tottori Prefecture puts the rest all of to shame with one of the best beaches in Japan and an incredibly stunning 15 kilometers of sawtoothed granite cliffs. It's only appropriate that such a fine example of Japanese scenery is a national park.

Uradome Beach

Uradome Beach (浦富海水浴場) is in Iwami Town (岩美町) east of Tottori City. The beach is crescent shaped and has nice fine soft sand and clear water. The ocean breezes can kick up fairly large waves but the beach is quite shallow. A tall person will have little problem walking out to the ropes. Take a swimming float and enjoy the ride on the waves. On the western side of the beach are a few outcroppings where a number of types of small fish like to hide out.

The beach has all the services you could want, but none of them are free. Swimming floats can be rented and air pumps are available for hire at the beach. Parking next to the beach is crowded and expensive. Showers with heated water are also available.

Swimming at beaches in Japan is generally restricted to July and August. All along the Sea of Japan Coast, the summer's peaceful rolling waves transform into thunderous torrents during the winter months. A number of smaller beaches are located up and down the coast from Uradome Beach.

Hiking Along the Coastline

West of Uradome's beach is a section of coastline which is renowned for its beauty. Layered rock juts out of the ocean at a sharp angle creating numerous small islands and cliffs behind. This quintessential Japanese scene is completed by the naturally stunted pine trees which cling to the top of rocks. It is a natural bonsai garden.

There is a road that runs in the general area of the cliffs. You have to walk along the hiking path to get the best view of the clear shallow coves. Popular with snorkelers, there is a less well known beach located down the cliff and past of the eastern trailhead of the hiking path. Uradome's inner beauty is more than a match for its outer beauty. Colorful seaweed paint the ocean floor that numerous species of fish dart in and out of. The underfoot seaweed and small numbers of jellyfish may turn off the squeamish.

Cruising Uradome

Another way to enjoy Uradome is to take a tour boat around the cliffs and beaches. The Uradome Coast Island Tour (浦富海岸島めぐり) leaves from a dock just west of the Uradome Coast and is a guided 40 minute ride. If you follow the signs to Uradome from Tottori City then, after turning left off the highway, make another left when you see their sign to turn.

The first boat leaves at 9:10 and boats depart about every 30 minutes until 4:10. The tickets are 1,300 yen for adults and half priced for children. Free parking is available for cars. The boats stay tied up during the winter months from December until the start of March.

Website: Uradome Tour Boats (Japanese)

Getting There

The Uradome coast is only 10 minutes east from the Tottori Sand Dunes. In fact, you can see the dunes from outside the harbor the tour boats leave from. From Tottori City, take route 9 east and turn sharply left onto route 178 when it splits from route 9 and follow the signs.

JR Iwami Station (岩美駅) is the closest train station to the beach and the town runs a bus that goes to the beach.

Posted: April 17, 2011 Updated: February 15, 2015


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