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Akinada Island Chain

Extending from the western base of Mount Noro, the second largest mountain on the Seto Inland Sea, are the Akinada Islands (Akinada-Syotou - 安芸灘諸島). This chain of islands is connected by the Akinada-Syotou series of bridges (安芸灘諸島連絡架橋) to Honshu. The islands curve outwards from the coast towards the east from Kawajiri and curve back towards Takehara. These islands are Shimokamagari, Kamagari, Toyohama, Osaki, Okamura in Aichi Prefecture and Osakikami.

The islands are also part of the Geiyo Islands (Geiyo-Syotou) which includes all western islands in the Seto Inland Sea off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture. The stable climate on to the Inland Sea is prefect for orange farming and the oranges grown there are quite popular and fairly famous. As well, Hiroshima Prefecture's best beach, Kenmin-no-hama, is located on Kamagari Island. All the islands have there own unique charming places and exploring them by bike is highly recommended.


Shimokamagari (下蒲刈) or lower Kamagari was an important military and diplomatic location in Japan during the Edo Era. Important diplomacy with visiting dignitaries from Korea and Holland was conducted here. Today, many people come to learn about this history and sample some of the oranges grown on the island.

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Kamagari (蒲刈) Island is the larger of the two islands. The island is most famous for its series of beaches along its southeast coast which are consistently ranked as one of the top 100 in Japan. There also a number of interesting shops and nice views along its north coast. The island is sometimes called Kamikamagari (上蒲刈).

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Other Islands: Toyohama, Osaki, Okamura and Osakikami

Getting There

The first two islands, Shimokamagari and Kamagari, are easily reached by bus from JR Hiro Station or JR Nigata Station. Not all busses traveling to the Kamagaris go the full distance to Kenmin-no-hama. A smaller local bus system operates on these islands.

The islands are connected by bridges except from Kamagari to Toyohama (Bridge 3) and from Okamura to Osakikami (bridge 8). The 3rd bridge in the series is currently under construction (opens 2008) and the 8th is being planned. Instead, ferries operate between those islands. There is a ferry which goes to Osakikami Island from Takehara as well.

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