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Ebisu is one of the smallest districts that is worth a mention in Tokyo. Like many places in Tokyo, its distinct ecosystem of shops and cliental is centered around a major train junction. Historically, it was a working class factory district with one of earliest large scale beer factories in Japan.

Today, all the factories have moved to cheaper locations and Yebisu Garden Place, an upper class shopping mall, stands where the beer factory once stood. The character and urban flavor of smaller eateries has given way to higher class restaurants in many parts of Ebisu.


Beer Museum Yebisu

Beer Museum Yebisu allows visitors to look back at the century of beer making at Ebisu. Beer production first began in 1887 in Ebisu and continued until 1988 when the factory moved to Funabashi in Chiba. After learning about the brews, visitors can relax in the tasting lounge.

Sapporo Headquarters

Sapporo's current headquarters are located on the west side of Yebisu Garden Place. It should be no surprise that they own the Yebisu beer label that was churned out by their former factory here. The museum in the basement is the best attractions in the area.

Tokyo Photography Museum

The Tokyo Photography Museum is located about 7 minutes on foot from JR Ebisu Station. Entry price depends on the exhibits on display at the time. Closed for renovations until Fall 2016.

Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place was built over the old Yebisu beer factory in a major spurt of redevelopment after the factory moved.

About Ebisu

Ebisu is one of the 7 gods of good fortune in Japanese mythology and, unlike all the other gods, he originated in Japan.

Yebisu is an archaic way to spell Ebisu; reforms to Japanese to standardize it did away with "Ye". In any case, Ebisu and Yebisu are both pronouced as "Ebisu".

Getting There

JR Ebisu Station is the closest train station to the Yebisu Garden Place. The Yamanote Line is the way most people reach the station. JR's Saikyo Line and the Hibiya Line subway also stop here.

From Ebisu Station, take the Yebisu Skywalk to the entrance of Yebisu Garden Place. The series of horizontal escalators make walking the distance there a breeze.

Posted: April 18, 2011 Updated: February 21, 2015


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