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Tokyo Tower

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Tokyo Tower was built during the bubble years and completed in 1958 after politicians preening about Japan's new economic might decided they needed to commemorate it somehow. At the same time, TV and radio stations were having problems finding good transmission locations in Tokyo's flat landscape. The solution to both was to build an omnibus tower.

Minato Ward

Tomo no Ura

The historic district of Tomo-no-Ura (鞆の浦) in Fukuyama City is a source of much pride in the city. This ancient seaside town is famous for its demonstrations of traditional sea-bream fishing at nearby Sensui Island during the month of May. The town is located on the far edge of the river delta south of central Fukuyama City. It is easily reached by bus from JR Fukuyama Station and a number festivals and events occur at Tomo-no-Ura during the year.

Fukuyama City
Hiroshima Prefecture

Tottori Sand Dunes

The Tottori Sand Dunes (鳥取砂丘) are Japan's only large dune system. In 1955, the dunes were given the status of a natural monument by Japan. The dunes stretch along the coast east of Tottori City (鳥取市) for 16 kilometers and extend up to 2 kilometers away from the coast. Ocean currents and prevailing winds off the Sea of Japan (East Sea) help preserve and collect the sand brought down as sediments from the Chugoku Mountains by the Sendai River.

Tottori City
Tottori Prefecture

Tsunoshima, Shimonoseki

Tsunoshima (角島) is a scenic island and important ocean navigation point in the Sea of Japan (East Sea) off the northwest end of Honshu in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Literally, the name of this barbell shaped island means "Horn Island." The shape of the island is reminiscent of the horns of the Japanese cows that have been farmed here since ancient times. Tsunoshima Lighthouse on the island's western horn was the first modern lighthouse built on the Sea of Japan.

Shimonoseki City
Yamaguchi Prefecture

Uradome Coast National Park

Many sections of Tottori are blessed with incredible beaches thanks to the mountains of sand that have collected here over thousands of years. The Uradome Coast (浦富海岸) near the eastern end of Tottori Prefecture puts the rest all of to shame with one of the best beaches in Japan and an incredibly stunning 15 kilometers of sawtoothed granite cliffs. It's only appropriate that such a fine example of Japanese scenery is a national park.

Tottori Prefecture


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